Inspired by mums*

Posted by 2activePR on Mar 17, 2014

* This case appeared in FleishmanHillard IMPACT

Romania has no tradition in winter games (last Olympic medal was won in 1968). Therefore, the first big challenge was to identify two sportspeople on which to build awareness of the campaign starting summer 2013, well before qualifications for Winter Games. We have made the right choice because our athletes succeeded to be in Sochi – what a relief!

The second challenge was to create awareness on winter sports in general. Most media coverage is dedicated to sports such as soccer but not winter sports and this brings us to the third challenge which is the big number of impressions required vs. activations/budget.

Due to the very limited budget, before and during Olympic Games we didn’t have any specific activations/events. We tried to invent communication reasons (e.g. we brought 6 TV stations to the airport in order to have news about the Olympic moms leaving to Sochi). The entire coverage was build on a very inventive media relations campaign. The number of impressions is almost double comparing to the client’s target and, yes! it’s quite a great achievement for us!

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